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Paint is one of them best ways to give your house A fresh breath of air. For a house to be appealing and marketable the correct types of paints and designs should be factored in. Paint comes in a variety Sheens either latex or oil. Hear are some of the things that you need to consider before choosing the correct paints.

When choosing paint the type of wall should be considered. Concrete walls can be painted with either latex or oil paints. However wooden words look better with oil paints. Oil paints oil paint is suitable for priming wooden walls. However it takes longer to dry than latex paints. This case is also true for metallic walls or metallic surfaces. Oil paints are also best suited full metallic surfaces. Plastered walls Will require less paint as compared to rough and plastered walls. The undercoats are mostly done with latex paint while oil paints are used mostly as the final overcoat.

when choosing the type of paints for house, one should consider the type of activities or the use of the room. This enables the designer to come up with a color theme suitable for the purpose of house. For example and hospital will require sober colors as a opposed to a club. A living room requires warm colors as opposed to a bedroom which requires lazy and dull colors .Therefore it is important when choosing colors got to consider the type of the room and it’s purpose.
When choosing the type of paint one should also consider the occupants of the room or the house. A house with children need more glossy pins because they are easier to clean. Semi gloss paints are good for kitchen as they are easier to clean and to remove stains . More gloss paints should be applied on rooms with such traffic or activities in order to ease the cleaning work.

The color theme of given houses and rooms also varies from one region to another. Different geographical regions are painted differently because of either climatical or the human activity in that area. You will find that in colder places, the houses are likely to be painted with dull colors as opposed to brighter and sunny areas. Also in areas where there are a lot of human activities such as mining or construction, dull colors are used as as opposed to bright colors. This is because of the dust aspects. Houses in high altitude areas or cold climatical regions will be painted with the dull colors in order to retain heat within the house. area so it’s hot and sunny climatical conditions will require bright paintings in order to reflect away they heat and to cool the house.

Finally different places in the house are painted differently . You will find A room which house is ceiling painted differently from other worlds. In most cases white or cream colors are considered in painting ceiling in order to bring the correct ambience when light shines on them. Toilet walls are painted differently from the rest of the room as it’s a place where one is likely to spend less time. Children bedrooms are painted differently from adult bedrooms as children are more attracted to bright colors. In this case the gender of the child also plays an integral part when choosing the type of paint. Girls room maybe painted with pink colors as opposed to boys room which may be painted with blue depending on their tastes and preferences.

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